No Rods or Tubing Required

“Get Rid of Rods and Tubing… Once & For All”

“Oil Producers” … Revive Your Shut In or 
Temporarily Abandoned Wells …

Innovation Provides New Life for Shut In 
or Temporarily Abandoned Wells!

Has Emerging Technology has made the pumping jack obsolete
for shallow well oil production?

Absolutely not!
But, emerging technology for oil well production
gives the oil producer alternate choices!

Liftek, Inc.’s Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Technology is an alternate choice for oil producers with shallow wells down to 3000

The Oil Hound Unit

The Oil Hound Unit

After being developed and tested for over 10 years, the Oil Hound® Lift Unit is now in production.

The Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Unit:

 * Requires no rods or tubing.
* Utilizes existing well casing.
* Does not require a pumping jack, down hole pump or a sand pump.
* Does not require costly workovers or chemicals to deal with paraffins.
* Completely mobile, can be moved easily from well to well.
* Reduces operating costs associated with traditional methods of oil production.
* Eliminates workover costs.
* Quick, Easy set up to test your well and/or start oil production.

Increase Your Production from Stripper Wells

Old Stripper Oil Well

Old Stripper Oil Well

Shallow well oil producers are reporting that the Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Technology increases production from wells.
  The Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Unit uses 21st Century technology and blend with existing systems to produce a cutting edge fluid lift unit. 

The unit is designed to re-establish production from shut in or abandoned wells, to test and establish fluid levels in and to produce oil from new and existing wells. No rods or tubing are required!

Conquers Sand and Paraffin.

The Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Unit successfully handles sand and paraffin without using sand pumps or costly chemicals.  The Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Unit works by lowering a tube into the well casing. Controlled by sensors at every phase, the tube is lowered until it reaches the fluid levels. The unit then slowly immerses the tube into the fluid until it is full.  After filling with oil, the tube is then raised to the surface where the oil is released into a holding tank.

Sand and paraffin flow into the tube and are lifted to the surface. The sand does not harm the tube. Due to the rapid lift time, there should be little if any paraffin build up within the tube. Any paraffin build up will be inside the tube and can be periodically removed once the tube reaches the surface. No work over rigs or costly chemicals are needed or required.

The tube holds approximately 1/4 barrel of fluid. Production varies according to the depth of the well and amount of fluid available. The unit is designed to operate down to a 3000 foot depth and is capable of fluid production of approximately 60 barrels per day at a 500 foot depth.

Liftek, Inc. has presented their Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Unit at several recent trade shows. The unit has received a tremendous amount of positive interest from the “oil patch” community.

For a schedule of future Trade Show Presentations or for more information on the unit, please contact Liftek, Inc. at 1-870-881-9574 or TOLL FREE (855) 334-6863.

Liftek, Inc., also has an operating Oil Hound® Fluid Lift Unit set up in El Dorado, Arkansas for scheduled demonstration purposes.

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