Liftek, Inc

A company dedicated to oil recovery enhancement.

Liftek specializes in the manufacture and distribution of oil field technology. Liftek is the owner and the exclusive distributor of the patented Oil Hound Lift Unit®,  a specialty device whose primary purpose is to produce oil and other fluids.

The Oil Hound lift unit was created to fulfill a need recognized in the oil patch.

The Oil Hound Oil Lift

The Oil Hound Oil Lift

It is the brainchild of a petroleum geologist who desired an economical method to test and produce marginal and problematic oil wells.. the unit has undergone rigorous field testing for more than ten years.  The SA 2010 Liftek Oil Hound lift unit® is the result of that field testing.

The Oil Hound Fluid Lift Unit.

The idea for the Oil Hound production unit was conceived by a petroleum geologist with production in Texas and Arkansas. Twelve years later, following exhaustive research, the unconventional lift system utilized by the Oil Hound was developed.  That system modernized a production technique that was developed in the years immediately following the first discovery of oil in Pennsylvania. The new lift system makes it possible to re-establish oil production without rods, tubing, down hole pumps or pumping jacks. The new system is not paralyzed by the presence of sand or paraffin. Moreover, the system is mobile and can be moved from one well to another in a very short period of time without expensive travel permits.

The technology is owned and produced by Liftek, Inc. located in El Dorado Arkansas.